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Voiced Roles

Volks_Blush Blush.png
Kiran_Secrets Untold.png
Biel_ Chasing the Stars.png

Volks - Blush Blush

Zephyr_Tyrant's Blood Princess.png

Zephyr - Tyrant's Blood Princess

Kiran - Secrets Untold

Biel - Chasing the Stars

Aaron_Band Camp Boyfriend.png

Aaron - Band Camp Boyfriend

Leo_Parival 1st Degree.png

Leo - 1st Degree

Yama Ishimoto - Lucid9

Nauthis - Conquest

Fay Nightshade (Male) - Witches x Warlocks

Noah_Withering Hour.png

Noah - Withering Hour

Elyan_Shadowborn Animated Teaser.png

Elyan - Shadowborn Animated Teaser

Kazuki_Reading My Embarrassing 10th Grad

Kazuki - Reading My Embarrassing 10th Grade "Manga"

Bully 1 - My Gentle Giant Comic Dub

Keto (Anime Guy) - Siblings (Youtube)

Siegfried_Everlasting Quest Character In

Siegfried - Everlasting Quest Character Introduction

Ferris - Ferris (Animatic Short Film).pn

Ferris - Ferris (Animatic Short Film)

Pretenders Guild.jpg

Reaver Sailor/ Adventurer - The Pretender's Guild

Doro - Cavern Rose

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